Chronology of Terrorism Shootings and bombings in Paris, France.

At around 4:00 pm. (Local time), or about 22.00 pm. Friday 13th May. A. In French. The troublemaker bomb attacks and shootings at several points throughout Paris.

The cause of the initial 3 was the first arts center Butterworth airing Blanc area 11 guns, automatic shooting those who come to watch the performances of the American artist at the two restaurants, Cambodia and the third close. The stadium Stade de France (Stade De France) north of Paris. The friendly match was organized between France and Germany.
ABC has killed 43 people, while the troublemaker to catch people hostage in a theater.

05.30. Associated Press, CNN reported. Scene of shooting in Paris six point blast rang three times at the stadium Stade de France (Stade De France), while there were reports that gunmen two to three people broke into the Center City Santa Blanc. (Bataclan) and held hostage. Moreover, the cause of the shooting at a restaurant Petit chat ribbon cartridge (Petit Cambodge) has reported preliminary killed at least 60 people.

06.00. President Francois announced a state of emergency throughout the country. Along Border closures And no trip to the G-20 mission to Turkey.

07.00. The police were mobilized to control the situation. And reportedly French officials suspect The incident seems to be an act of a group of people who went to help a group of Islamic states (CIS) fighting in Syria and Iraq. And travel back in France.

07.30. (Local time) news agency CNN. The report, citing data from the Bureau of France. Lowered the death toll at 43 people.

Police reportedly foray into the art center Butterworth airing Blanc. The hostages Out of about 100 people were injured. And has killed more The troublemaker was shot and killed four people.

08.00 hrs. (Local time), the French government sent some 1,500 troops stationed around Paris. Security The police rush to the scene to examine the six points, the number of deaths. CNN reported that increased to 149 people.

08.00. Public transport including buses and the metro are all closed. Electricity, roads mostly closed. Turn off the lights and the Eiffel Tower to commemorate the event with. The atmosphere around Paris filled with tranquility. There are only a military and police presence in the area only. Most people in shelters

At around 8:30 pm. President Barack Obama issued a statement that the US government will support France. After the disaster in Paris. But it is currently not aware of the incident. In addition, Obama also condemned the incident and offered to help France fully.

08.30. Gen.. Prayut Chan-ocha, the Prime Minister acknowledged the serious situation in Paris. And expressed his condolences to the victims and their families. And instructed the Embassy of Thailand in Paris. Follow the entire situation closely. Especially the care of Thailand in Paris. There is no report of loss of Thailand.

10.00. Police officers Rak. Active front of the French Embassy Country Rd., Sathorn for screening people who came into contact and security.

French half-mast.

11.00 hrs. Mr. Chan Mu Eka m. The interior ministry announced Singapore raise safety standards. Check cross-border And ask everyone to watch. With the suspect reported to authorities immediately. While President Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore posted on the website Facebook. Condolences to the incident.

Mrs. Julie Bishop minister of Australia, condemned as a Black Friday or Friday Tamils for France and the world.

Mr. Yip's encephalopathy competitions Irvine Kodokan President of Turkey. Expressed regret for causing that to happen. And testament to that The international community needs to stand together against terrorism.

Mr. Jean-Claude Baker, president of the EU Commission mosquitoes. Posted on Twitter a red regret and stated that the world powers to show unity. To encourage French

Mrs. Ferenc Broderick Cup Mok's health department, the chief foreign policy of the European Union. Tweets encouraging French citizens like Mr. Janes and Stoller Houten, PA. Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) stated that moving to such events. And condolences to the families of the deceased. Confirmed to participate fully in the fight against terrorism is likely to win democracy possible.

13.00 hrs. Mr. Gilles check the Royal Embassy of France. Thanks to the people of Thailand expressed concern that the incident took place, adding that the attack was a shock to all parties. The French Which not only France only. Target of Attack When the month of August, Thailand is facing serious reasons like this. I do not want this happening to any other country. We want to overcome this situation as soon as possible.

11.00. Capt.. Desire Siri Development Vice President, Safety, Security and aviation standards. Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (Thailand), said the French government to increase security measures at the highest stage. And Charles de Gaulle airports remain open as usual. Thai Airways has not yet had to cancel flights on route to Bangkok - Paris, but somehow, the Company has security measures in a rigorous flight.

12.00. The Associated Press, the BBC published a second clip containing a bomb explodes in the Stade de France stadium in the north of Paris. They are a friendly football match between the national teams of France and Germany. The president Francois de Montreal's try to watch a game with.

13.00. The Philippine government today announced enhanced security. The APEC meeting Manila Between 18-19 May.. This.

At approximately 13:30 hrs. The Associated Press revealed the minute the shooting near a restaurant Petit chat ribbon cartridge, which has killed 14 people, the number of deaths of all 153 people, one of the many terrorist. The Paris of France

14.00. President Xi Jinping of China and cooperation with France and other countries. In the fight against terrorism

14.00. Maj.. True. Nat Sunthorn because Pradesh police chief immigration. Ordered more stringent in screening individuals arrivals - Kingdom with circumspection. And to use good judgment and caution in disseminating information. Or comment via social media. Which may affect treatment order.

Maj.. True. Roy Inc. prosperous Police Special Branch. Coordinate the exchange of information with all news organizations with more intensive security measures. To Embassies The Embassy of France Consulate and attractions. That might be a risk. And working with other departments to increase the intensity. Person in custody Or diplomatic officials Of each country

15.00 hrs. Mr. Siri legally capable of Director General of Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (Thailand) (AAT.) Said. AOT increased security measures. Keep track of the news And assess the ongoing situation Add the cycle of assays mixed patrol and surveillance by cameras (CCTV) at any time, including guard patrolled by CCTV on flights to travel from Suvarnabhumi. - Paris and the coordination of news with the Council. National Security closely.

The Bangkok International Airport (Don Mueang). Stringent security. Add orbital examination of every aspect of security. The raid passenger baggage and cargo trucks. A random inspection of patrol units to destroy the explosives. Parking cancel all platforms. Stop issuing all types of facilities.

At 16:02 pm. BBC reported. French authorities identify victims of terrorist attacks in Paris, 128 people seriously injured 99 people.

CNN News Confirmed the death toll at 153 people.

News agency Al-Jazeera. Specify the number of those killed 127 people.

At 17:20 pm. Reuters reported US casualties to 128 people.

Time 17.25. Associated Press. United States Specify the number of those killed 127 people.

At approximately 17:50 pm. AFP reports out of Thailand responsibility attack Paris. Last night (13 November).

For a statement of the IS group argues that France is a major goal. We have selected a strategic point of attack well. Actions by fighters wearing suicide bomb belts. "Our brothers eight people with a bomb belt attached. And holding a gun into the target area in the center of Paris. To sift well before then, "and this attack. To counter the attacks directed against the Prophet Muhammad of Islam, including the aerial bombardment of France in the area of Islamic states. This attack is just the beginning of a big storm. And as a warning for people who want to get lessons.

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