Check the car before travel

The introduction of vehicle inspection

1. Plan your trip Check the availability of itself (the driver) or to relax enough. What is the state of the disease, the risk of driving. For people with heart disease Avoid driving alone And for those who enjoy the Narcotic drugs Not enough rest and sleep may cause drowsiness and should not start the car when sleeping in the car. Because life-threatening Guests should park walk cleansing should find seating. And before you leave if you do not know the route. Carefully study the map before travel You did not need to get lost.

2. Check your car jack and tools are standard equipment in every vehicle in good condition with wired cable for battery propulsion flashlight.

3. rubber wiper in a condition ready for use or the deterioration. If the tire off noisy crackles. And no clean sweep Check the wiper water spray. If so, Replace before using.

4. Check that all lights work or no headlights, brake lights, turn signal lights's backward interior lamp and more.

5. Make sure all four tires, wheels and rubber tires if worn or expired. Or a large gash And check the tire should be replaced completely.

6. Oil level Breathe in optimum level. There will be signs

7. Check the oil level, brake fluid, power steering fluid clutch coolant in the radiator and water pot. Check water batteries If the level drops should be added to some degree.

Just as you can travel worry free, safe and easy, you women can not practice it here for safe travel for both the driver and the passengers. Drowsy, do not drive story